What's Your Style?
Paris, Posh, Cruise or Brad...Madonna, Obama, Angelina or Oprah... Lance, LeBron or Tiger...Gates, Trump (Ivanka or Donald) Who Would YOU Be Like? Who Could YOU Be Like? Who ARE You Most Like? Do You Really Know Yourself? Take Doc G’s Popular Personality Quiz and Find Out Your Style!  
Welcome to My Celebrity Twin. We hope to provide you the tools to help you discover your strong Personality Style traits and have some fun finding Celebrities and other people that are similar to you.
Who's Doc G?
Gregory G. Young, M.D., a psychiatrist with over 40 year’s experience and a leader in Personality Style Theory, has been involved with people and celebrities throughout the world. His findings have been the subject of many magazine articles and television interviews - even Oprah has listened to what he has to say. His published books include, “Your Personality and How to Live with It”, “Your TV Twins”, and “Know Yourself, Be Yourself”. Doc G has helped his patients and many others to recognize their Personality Style strengths and weaknesses to live healthier, better lives, and now he can help you too.
Find Out Your Style
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Doc G Blog
It's a fantastic window through which you can be a witness to the lives of hundreds of TV and Movie characters as well as actors, artists, sports stars, politicians, business moguls and celebrities of every sort whose lives are chronicled extensively. Doc G daily gives a particular celebrity advice to help you understand them. If you have the same Style you can benefit from his helpful recommendations. See which Celebrity is getting his Style recommendation today.
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The Style Center
Purchase and download your in depth Personality Style profile now. You will learn more about:

  • Recognizing Personality Styles.
  • Your Essential Urge and why it makes you behave the way you do.
  • What is the best career for you.
  • What to expect from your child's Style..., and so much More!